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My New Flash Movies!!!!

2007-08-15 04:49:33 by Pandamir

DarkLotusJuggalo was kind of enough to co-author me in 2 Clock Day movies. And i am honored to have such a privalege handed to me. And thanks again to you Lotus for making all this happen i really appreciate it.


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2007-08-15 09:12:44

Its no problem! Its quite deserved after all you've done for me and next Clock Day I will have two more waiting with your name on them as well! :D

Hell, I'll have two more waiting as soon as I can submit again! :)

Well.. maybe not but I will soon. From now on, everything I submit will have you co-authored as a thank you for all you've done. :)

Pandamir responds:

Well that is really kind of you to do all that. But as far as all i have done you really deserved it. So i guess all i can really say is thanks. And once i can actually learn flash then maybe i can start co-authoring you as well.


2007-08-19 21:36:25

I got to submit two flashes for clockday as well, funny thing was that they scored very high, 3.90 for one actually.

Pandamir responds:

Yeah i think because of all the mass voting and everything probably eveb the worst flashes in the portal scored high. But i watch several i think i even may have watched one of yours! It was pretty good i think i voted like a 3 or something on it. But anyway i think the best time to submit flash movies that you dont think would normally pass, Submit them on a big day around it and it will more then likely get through and into the portal.


2012-03-28 21:01:19

cool well its five years ago now!

Pandamir responds:

Yeah it's been even longer now lol. Haven't been on here in what seems like forever.